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Setting Up A Business Using LinkedIn

Setting Up A BusinessHello,

A huge welcome to all our visitors who are looking for up to the minute, practical, proven help in setting up a business. You’ve certainly come to the right place!

Like many other people, we’re sure you realise the power of social media to connect with many thousands of potential customers.  Again, like many other people, you are probably looking for a step by step guide to enable you to take advantage of all the opportunities social media offers.

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Setting Up A Business Using YouTube

Setting Up A Business

Hi there…

Here is our latest way of helping you to take advantage of the rapid growth in social media in setting up a business…your business…

As part of our drive to bring you the most effective business tools, we have teamed up with two very clever guys, Lewis Howes and  James Wedmore. They have produced a really special video which takes you through a very simple process so that YOU can get massive results with YouTube.

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Setting Up A Business Using Facebook

Setting Up A Business

Hi there,

Without a doubt you have heard of arguably the biggest phenomenon in social media…yes, you’ve guessed it…Facebook! If you are like most of our clients, you certainly want to know how to get a lot more people interested in buying your products and services using the power of Facebook.

Like them…you’ve just never known exactly how to…It’s not been easy to understand how…

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Lesson #26 - Desire + Belief + Action = Success | Setting Up A Business

Whether you are setting up a business or aiming to grow your existing business then learning this simple, effective and powerful phrase will hold you in really good stead.

As we have emphasised throughout this series of lessons, these ideas are based on our experience of what works when setting up a business, or taking your business to the next level. To be clear, they work when you implement them.  Not when you read them, think about them or plan to do them.

Here’s a really big clue to as to how to achieve the wealth and lifestyle you desire by setting up a business.

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Lesson #25 - Just Do It... | Setting Up A Business

Setting Up A Business JDI imageIn the famous words of Nike… Just Do It!

Over the past six months, we have covered many of the aspects that, in our experience, you will need in order to be successful in setting up a business.

Let’s briefly remind ourselves of the major themes we have talked about:

1, Personal Development.  Time after time, we meet people who are struggling either in setting up a business or growing it or, in many cases, making sure their business survives.  We also meet many people who are not only running a successful thriving business but seem to be enjoying the experience.  We are not saying they never meet challenges, of course they do.  They seem able to overcome these problems and move forward.

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Lesson #24 - Yes...Your Site Can Make Additional Money Too | Setting Up A Business

aff marketing for setting up a businessA fundamental part of setting up a business that can be super successful is to make sure you have multiple, associated income streams.

But what if one of these multiple, associated income streams, is able to make money for you while you are asleep?

Imagine how great it would be to be generating £500… £1,000… £5,000 ‘cash in the bank’ each and every month, for just a little upfront work.  That would be helpful while setting up a business, right…?

These days this is absolutely possible and, as well as building your income streams, it can also enhance ‘your brand value’ with your customers.  With a little careful planning, you can raise the profile of your business with your customers and be seen to be even more help, even more professional, even more valuable to them.  That has to be good… yes?

So…how do we do it and, how can you start doing it too?
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Lesson #23 - Build Your Money List | Setting Up A Business

List Building Image for Setting Up A BusinessOne of the key aspects in growing or setting up a business is the building of your own, highly targeted, list of prospects and customers.

There’s a well known phrase that sums this up perfectly…

“The money is in the list…”

It’s time to become very familiar with this saying, if you are not already.

It’s completely true and yet, believe it or not, the vast majority of SME businesses today don’t have a complete data capture system in place.  Worst still, some businesses don’t have a data capture system at all!  It really is a fundamental part of setting up a business properly.

It always amazes me just how many businesses miss this vital growth step out all together.  If you are setting up a business or growing an existing business ‘your list’ is one of the keys to your success.
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Lesson #22 - Don't become a boring blogger! | Setting Up A Business

Boring Blogger Image for Setting Up A BusinessThe objective of writing this lesson is to give you some guidelines when you come to write your blogs.  Whether you are setting up a business or growing an existing business this advice is based on the fact that you have two customers.  The first one is, of course, Google’s SEO.

To satisfy this chap, you need to have several blog posts, several categories and as many links between them as possible.  We have mentioned the most effective way to achieve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in previous lessons, including using the Socrates theme on WordPress and using SEOPressor.

To keep Google happy, you also need to keep adding new, top quality, back-links to your blog (see Paul’s Back-links) and to keep both customers happy, you need to write fresh, interesting posts.
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Lesson #21 - Powerful Testimonials | Setting Up A Business

Testimonials icon for Setting Up A BusinessOver the past few lessons on Setting Up A Business and Growing a Business, we have covered what is a blog site and how it is different to a website (Lesson #16); why you and your business should have a blog site (Lesson #17); when and what top blog about (Lesson #18) and how to create your very own blog site as cheaply as possible (Lesson #19).  We have also covered the least understood part of getting your site to page one of Google…setting up links to your site…the dark art of backlinks (Lesson #20).

Now, we move on to the content part of your blog site.

As we see it, there are two “customers” for your blog site.  The first is the all-powerful Google (other search engines are available!) however, largely ignored by most people building their business on-line.  To satisfy this aspect, we need to do all the techniques we have covered above and keep doing them on a regular basis.
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